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Long story short

This article is my short story that can help you understand what kind of engineer I am. Feel free to read it briefly or skip it for a detailed read of my CV on the next page.


My name is Yurii, and I am a 30-year-old Ukrainian currently based in Kyiv. 👋

I developed a passion for programming during my school years, and at the age of 16, I taught myself PHP and MySQL for backend development, as well as HTML, CSS, and jQuery for frontend. I even learned how to deploy websites on virtual machines by myself. 💻

While studying at university, my focus was on C++, but eventually, Python became my primary programming language. These days, I also enjoy working with Golang, although I have a strong affinity for Rust, even though I don't feel completely comfortable with it yet. 🐍 :gopher:

At the start of my career, I primarily worked with ERP systems, holding various positions ranging from support manager to technical support and system administration. Programming was initially a hobby for me during this time. 💼

In 2015, I officially entered the IT industry as a mid-level software engineer. By then, I had already been coding in Python for three years and had a few personal projects under my belt. I never confined myself to just backend or frontend roles; instead, I was always interested in the entire development cycle. I envisioned myself as a technical lead or architect, someone who could approach business problems from a technical perspective and solve them using technology. ⚙

Perhaps it wasn't just my personal aspiration, as in almost every company I worked for as an engineer, I eventually transitioned into the role of a tech lead. 👷

Even now, in 2023, I serve as the Technical Leader of a DevOps team in a European company. Three years ago, there was a funny situation when I joined a company and, after successfully passing all the interviews, I was surprised to be offered a Senior DevOps position =) Since then, I have mostly focused on DevOps in my professional life, but I still enjoy coding both at work and in my personal projects. 🚀

Who am I now, in 2023?

I'm a technical expert, an engineer with 8 years of industry experience in various positions: - Software Engineer - Dev(Sec)Ops Engineer - Technical Lead - Application Architect

It's challenging to determine the exact years of experience in these positions because even though I have the label of a Software Engineer, I have been involved in architecture and DevOps tools a lot. I'm still coding in my roles as a DevOps engineer and tech lead. 💻

Usually, I work closely with the business to understand its problems and gaps, and then I solve them in a technical manner, whether by doing it myself or creating roadmaps and delegating tasks to the engineering team. 📈

... and I still love my job as if it were a hobby. I never lose the desire to learn and grow. For example, my latest pet project is a Kubernetes operator for automating load testing applications in Kubernetes environments. I'm also involved in a volunteer project for the government, which helps with the recovery of our country during times of war. 💪 :ukraine:

What am I looking for?

Currently, amidst the War, I have realized that it consumes a lot of my energy and creates mental overload. Therefore, I am looking for a company that provides a good work-life balance, flexible working hours, and an environment where I will not be subjected to unreasonable pressure and stress. I want to focus more on engineering work (Software Engineer, DevOps) instead of spending the whole day in meetings. ⚖ 🕒

After the War, I would be happy to evolve into a Technical Lead or even an Architect (Application of Solution). I am also open to opportunities for business trips or relocation. Furthermore, having enough flexibility in my work would allow me to continue my travels around the world. 🌎 ✈

Let's connect and discuss how we can work together to solve your business problems! 🚀

Last update: July 11, 2023